Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Continuing on last night's theme let's visit Stephen Covey's Circle of Influence.We all have concerns about the present global financial crisis however this is OUT OF OUR CONTROL.

We can easily be sucked into focusing what is outside our control which allows us to avoid responsibility and avoid taking action in a timely manner. When we focus here we become weak,powerless and indecisive.
This can also allow the Out Of My Control circle to become larger,whilst the Within My Control / Within My Influence shrinks.
Where as if we remain inside the inner circles of Control and Influence we start to make decisions regardless of what is occuring in the Outer Circle.

There are many questions we can ask, to which the answer may or may not please us like is the cattle market going to crash,are interest rates going up or down, will the $Au increase against the $US,will oil prices return to the highs of last year.Depending on who you ask you will get an OPINION - ask someone else it could be different.

The only real way ahead is to work is inside the "WITHIN MY CONTROL" circle.

Firstly you are in control of your thoughts and if you are in control of your thoughts - you are in control of your actions. So you can choose to look for opportunities,you can manage your costs and expenditure.

As a KLR Marketer you can forget about the market movements and do your calculations,trade the margins by selling the Overpriced Animals and buying the Underpriced animals.

"If we keep going along selling the Overpriced & buying the Underpriced,then it is so easy,so relaxing it is unbelievable" Bud Williams

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