Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday is Music Day - ANDY GIBBS BIRTHDAY

Friday is music day around here and this week being Any Gibb's birthday, let's celebrate with a song right out of countdown 1975.Hmm this blogger was in his last year of school and would rush through dinner on sunday night to watch countdown and of course ABBA who were number one week after week.
For you oldies like me reminice, for you young people look what you missed out on !!

Andrew Roy Gibbb.
Born : March 5, 1958 in Manchester, England.
Died : March 10, 1988
Mother: Barbara Mary Pass
Father: Hugh Leslie
GibbBrothers: Robin Hugh Gibb,
Maurice Ernest Gibb,
and Barry Alan Crompton Gibb
Sister: Lesley Gibb
Married: Kim Loral Reeder, July, 1976
Children: 1 daugher, Peta Jaye Reeder-Gibb on January 25, 1978

If video stop/starts press pause to let it load.

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