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I sent an email to KLR Marketing School graduates and interested people it back in December saying "Book in to the KLR Marketing school before the Rush".Well the rush has happened.

In the same week as we had advertising being run in 2 states we had to close both Orange and Emerald KLR Schools as they were at capacity.Carnarvon WA KLR Marketing school is also at the point of capacity as well.

Steve Truman from AGMATES has been spreading the word as well as Sally Murfet from Cattle Country with 2 articles in the last issue. The graduates sharing their own experience with friends and family has also led to people looking to atttend our 2 day program.

We do still have a couple of places left for the 1 Day Advanced workshop in Orange and Emerald - Graduates Only can attend the 1 Day Workshop.

It was after day 1 of attending Bud Williams Marketing school in the USA that Jim,Rod and Myself decided we needed to bring this breakthrough in thinking, how we could market our animals more profitably.The KLR Marketing school took 12 months of work to put together in 2003-04, then we launched the program in August 2004.Since that time the KLR school has been constantly improving as we had more knowledge on the success of graduates and the challenges livestock producers have here in Australia.

Our vision has always been to provide the opportunity for livestock producers to postion themselves to be as profitable as possible whilst managing their land resource in a sustainably and improving manner.

The 1 Day KLR Advanced workshop will take graduates the next step after they have been working with KLR principles for a while. Jim Lindsay is going to be presenting and sharing how KLR has changed his large cattle operation.

Jim returned from the USA in 2003 and immediatly started using the KLR Marketing methods to create phenominal breakthroughs in both risk management and profit.

As the uncertainty of world financial markets starts to affect not so much producers directly,but the processors and traders who market our products, there will be some challenges ahead.Graduates of KLR can be confident that if they follow the rules and principles they have learnt at the school they will still be able to trade profitably regardless of whether the market rises or falls.

The Clock is Ticking

If you are someone considering attending a KLR Marketing school or a graduate looking at repeating we have put in place 2 more schools in June in both Roma and Orange.There will also be a 1 Day advanced Workshop in Roma - not sure about Orange yet.

Both these schools are already 1/2 full so do not wait for later if you need to secure a place,if you are not sure pre register anyway as that does not require payment.

Also now that the FARM READY training grants are in place for all Australian producers, it is now possible to attend with 100% cost recovery including accomodation,travel and childcare.
We still stand by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

To Find out more about KLR Marketing and how you might benefit visit our website and fill in the form to get a Free 50 minute MP3 where Jim,Rod and myself were interviewed by Sally Murfett from Rural Connections.You also will be given the option to recive a mailout package of information about KLR Marketing schools and programs.

KLR WEBSITE : http://www.klrmarketing.com.au/

Dates & Venues :

NSW - Orange - 16th -17th June,2009. - PRERegister Now

Qld - Roma - 29th -30th June,2009 - PRERegister Now

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