Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Answer is Within !!

Sunset over the Indian Ocean

Where is all the green grass gone ,we flew for hours looking at the sandy landscape only to find a garden of Eden in Carnarvon.
What with Snapper, Prawns, Cream Sponges,Banana cake,Free capachino's and chocolate sponge. All this has had Rod,Steve and myself more than a bit overindulged.
Steve & Kerry. More air in the push bike tyres next week Steve !

Carnarvon is a hidden oasis in the desert and it was a real eye opener to listen to the challenges of the people in northern WA.

Over the 2 day school we learnt just like other producers they have their own challenges yet the participants gain a glimpse of the fact they hold the answers right there.

When we are faced with a challenge or problem it can be easy to look outside for the answer or even worse just procratinate :
  • The govt should .......

  • People should pay more for red meat

  • You can't trust anybody

  • It hasn't rained for ........

No matter what challenge we all face, the answer is within, when we realise that and start to communicate with a proactive outlook with others anything is possible.After the 2 day KLR school the group held a workshop with all the major players in the beef industry in WA.

Annastasia, Jodie, Chris and Alex discuss Challenges at KLR School

This has opened up lines of understanding and communication in the region which may just be the key to future prosperity for the people in northern WA.

Thanks to Justine and the crew at the Aboriginal & Heratige Centre in Carnarvon, Thanks to every one who participated in the KLR school at Carnarvon.

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