Thursday, April 16, 2009


The Sky is Falling- The sky is falling - sound familiar ?

Are you like me sick of the negative,roller coaster stories being pumped out by the media around the world.

The fact is we may have never had it so good and opportunities abound all around us.

Interest rates are lower than they have been,fuel has dropped on last year, Au$ is lower than last year.

Sure some people are doing it tough and there are things that could be improved, however we should always keep that in perspective.

I see some actors are having to put their private jet away and catch cattle class flights.

Today I chatted with someone from west Africa on skype,they can barely get by,they do not even have a local supermarket.

Things will happen around you - however it is the emotion you put to the challenge not the challenge(or problem) itself.

Something I learnt this week is when you say

"I am doing xyz and this will be the outcome"

add a tag line

'or it won't"

This removes any emotion you might have created about the outcome you were expecting- try it, it works !!

Brian Wong is somebody who's work I have followed for a while, created a short video to paint the picture of what is going on out there- here is an exert from his blog and the video :

"It’s a video that shows us what we can learn from the original “Chicken Little” story from Walt Disney (1947).
I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of the media dishing out negative energy, and hence I decided to create this video to hopefully put some positive energy back into our world.
Hope you enjoy it. " - Brian Wong

If video Stop/Starts, press pause & let it load.

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