Monday, May 18, 2009


Business Class Flight USA to Aust Empty except 1 person.

There are mixed messages out there about the economy, seems some business's are doing well and others not so.This photo was taken last week by a friend travelling business class, he was asstounded to see he was the only one.

Lisa Temple said maybe it is because parliment is sitting this week !!!
Can you beleive they did not even upgrade anyone.
He travels a lot and last year struggled to get a seat in business class.

Rod and I have seen this in the airports where on Friday afternoon in Sydney you could have fired a bullet up the concourse.
So the air travel measure on the economy is Recession or Drought.

See farmers are not the only ones who have a drought or dry time. So if it hasn't rained in your plot where is the opportunity ?

Take a holiday, while the flights are cheaper and spend some time taking a really good look at your life and your business.

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