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When we were spending time with Bud Williams in the US he spoke many musings - one being

"Ranchers run sheep long enough to have enough money to buy cattle, then when they run out of money -they buy sheep again until ........"

I was reminded of this having breakfast with someone who said they "ran sheep until they got enough money to buy cattle".

Isn't it funny how even in business we do the things we want not the things we need to do to run our business as profitable as possible.

One couple shared with us last week at the advanced day how well they were going with sheep - they gave examples of being at the sale every week taking in a load to sell and buying a load to take home.

Sell $40 - Buy $5 - a few short weeks later Sell $40 - Buy $5, not exact but these sort of margins. Now even if you did not know your COG this is very profitable.

Now I am not suggesting everyone buys sheep but do not be blocked up with trading one class of animals.If there is not a trade or your business is struggling look for more profitable alternatives.

I have spoken to a couple of people recently about how they are going -one a Queenslander who said "People ask me am I making any more money using this KLR system ? I answer I don't know but I am wealthier and sleep more soundly at night"

Rob a Mastermind member from Canada told me today"People are asking how come I am at the sale every week with a big smile on my face, when they have all sorts of concerns about the market"

Call in and say Hello to Ashley who is holding the KLR fort at Beef 2009 this week.

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