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Farm Ready has contacted me and asked if I could pass on the following information.The bottom line is the Farm Ready Training grants of $1500 per financial year are available to bona fidi primary producers.

Over 230 people have already taken advantage of the Farm Ready scheme this year to attend the KLR Marketing school and KLR Advanced Workshop.

You are eligable for up to $1500 in this financial year to attend a training program by approved training providers. If it is not used before June 30 then it will lapse and a new year starts.
To find a program that suits your needs visit the farmready website to see when the training provider is next running a course in your area.

KLR Marketing and Low Stress Stockhandling are both registered training providers of Farm Ready training.
KLR Schools prior to June 30 :
Orange 16 -17 June
Roma 29 -30 June

We have applied for and hope to have approved our new program "Unleash your Marketing Genius" soon.
Unleash your Marketing Genius prior to June 30 :
Orange 18 June
Roma 1 July (I will check to see which year this fits as payment is due prior)

Register Here for these KLR Programs

Low Stress Stockhandling

Several in NT & WA - visit
We would like to hear from people who are interested in hosting a school.
Register interest by clicking the link and filling out the form.

Register LSS Interest


FarmReady Reimbursement Grants

Let FarmReady work for you!

Since FarmReady was launched in February, more than 1000 primary producers from all around Australia have attended training with the support of FarmReady – and that’s just the beginning.

FarmReady, part of the Australian Government’s Australia’s Farming Future initiative, assists primary producers to learn skills and strategies to help combat the impacts of climate change. FarmReady focuses on areas such as understanding the implications of climate change, whole-farm planning, and business and risk management.

In the last months of this financial year, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry reminds training providers that individuals who access
FarmReady support for approved training before June 30 will remain eligible for a further $1,500 in funding support in subsequent financial years for the life of the program. So, you should spread the word and let individuals know there is no reason to delay training.

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