Monday, May 25, 2009


I thought this advert in "The Land" was a little out of touch with rural Australia and the people who are the backbone of agriculture.
Women play a major role in any rural business today being the director,business partner,finance manager and the jillaroo.All this whilst cooking for the crew,teaching the kids and trying to keep the garden alive.

Now I know there is many a female reader out there experienced the agent pulling up and asking where is the boss. If you have a business that interacts with rural people, remember the lady of the manor could very well be the decision maker and may decide not to do business with you !!
In my few short years on this planet I have learnt that rural women are more in touch than us blokes.They know way before we do that there is a better way, they are creative and entrepreuerial and they are great communicators.

I take my hat off to you girls, because without you the very heart of rural Australia would be missing. If you are in the KLR Mastermind we have a teleconference Wednesday night featuring 2 entreprenurial rural women.

Wendy Agar a KLR Mastermind member will be interviewing Isobel Knight on the topic " Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck"

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