Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Mike Maloney was speaking on the weekend and I really found his presentation very interesting.I had seen him speak on a You Tube video with Robert making predictions for 2008, so it was great to listen to him speak about currency movements and the likely response of Gold & Silver to the deflation of the US$.

What I found interesting is Mike's passion with gold and silver, spending the last 8 years studying over 800 years of history.In 1971 the rules were changed and no longer did central banks have to support their currency with gold.

All this would have you believe the US$ is going to crash overnight(and it could), however these things can take years to play themselves out - the thing I asked myself how prepared am I.
The funny thing I found, after hearing all this, I started to do some research on how to buy Gold or Silver and if I did there is no cashflow,where would I buy it,what is the relationship to the dollar and so on and so on.
My friends 15 year old daughter was also at the conference asked me tonight if I had done anything - no was my answer.She went on to say she had stayed home for the 1st hour of school until the silver market opened and she purchased her 1st bar of silver - you see she made a decision and took action.

All this is to give you a look at what I heard on the weekend - who am I to know what is going to happen, but it sure gets you thinking.
This video features the final part of a 4 part you tube series Rich Dad inc. captured in January 2008 - it features Mike and the other speakers including Kim his Wife.

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