Thursday, June 18, 2009


OK 1st time this year I missed 2 days in a row - just got too busy with the school in Orange.
Wow what a great 3 days in Orange NSW, with 48 people attending the KLR Marketing school and 21 attending the very first "Unleash your Marketing Genius" with Mick Cornish.
Ron is 2nd from Right

I had the pleasure of having my mother and father Ron & Marie come along to observe and hear what we are teaching. They do property managment for people who want a holiday - so look out next job they might sell cattle and buy sheep.It was interesting Ron was never overstocked during the game and used his experience to make his decisions.

The KLR school had people attend from Qld,Vic, west NSW and Sydney, so it was a great networking opportunity.

I just arrived home from Mick Cornish's workshop and it was an amazing day for the participants. Mick's low key interactive style was a great enviroment for people to make major breakthroughs in their business. I spoke to everyone as they left, the group was very excited to be able to take the tools they gained to use in their life including their trading business.

More photos next week - only 2 weeks until we are at Roma so looking forward to that.

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