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Bruce Ward and Tony Lovell have recently travelled to the old mother country to participate in the Manchester Report.Congratulation goes to 2 guy's who are passionate about rural Australia and the resources we have to turn around the loss of soil carbon.

They have been selected in the final 10 and would appreciate your vote as they are the only ones dealing with future and past emissions.

Here is Bruce's email - complete with link to vote and a short video link at the bottom of Tony :

When I sent the last [ASK] out, I was on the point of departing for Manchester, in the UK, to participate in the Guardian Newspaper's "Manchester Report". Here is my report, and a request for you to support our efforts. I also want to acknowledge the great number of emails I received wishing us luck. They were very much appreciated.
Over the weekend of July 4 and 5, twenty finalists (including Tony Lovell and myself), made 30 minute presentations to a panel of four judges. We introduced Soil Carbon to the panel and the audience.
The panel was led by Lord Bingham, the former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Bryony Worthington, an advisor and policy expert on climate change to the British Government, Dan Reicher, a Californian based and most interesting director of Google, and Chris Goodall, author of several major books on climate change and a freelance journalist.
Tony made the actual presentation, which was enthusiastically received by the audience of more than 300 people, and by the panel.

You can see a 1-minute grab summarising our presentation by going to


Over the last week the panel has met and boiled the 20 presentations down to a final list of 10. We are one of those!!
Now there is a public vote

Regenerating grasslands

You can see the finalists AND VOTE at


Whilst there, can you pop in a vote for us, please? That would be very much appreciated as we were the only ones dealing with both past and future emissions. All other finalists are dealing with technological solutions to reduce future emissions, or on the social aspects of the problem.
You can read more about the other nine finalists, and the 10 presentations that did not make the final list, by Googling "Manchester Report". There are stories and 1-minute clips for all 20 of the presentations. Be prepared to toggle to the 2nd and 3rd Google pages to find them all, so be patient!

Thankyou so much for your help in this regard. It is very much appreciated.

Why did we do this - and why was it important?

Tony and I are seriously concerned that most people throughout the world are totally unaware of the need for farmers to move from being 'part of the problem' to become recognised as a vital 'part of the solution'. Soil Carbon provides that opportunity, so long as policy makers allow it. Time is running short, and Copenhagen is not far away.

The die will be cast one way or the other at that time, and we want it to be cast the right way. We may need more science before we get the detail right, but it is clear that the science can now be done. That is a major step forward from only 2 years ago when we were consistently told it could not be done.
There will be another [ASK] in the near future - I am inspired to write again!
Bruce Ward

Click on Picture above to watch video.

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