Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Are you feeling like you are overloaded ? If you take a look at the pictures in the slideshow below one would have to say you are not even having a go !!

However there is a difference between what is physically happening and "Feeeling Overloaded".
Stress is an amazing word in today's society, to think that we can get stressed when almost everybody has everything they need to sustain life - Good food,Plenty of Water, A House,Great schools,hospitals and the opportunity to create anything with nothing more than an idea.

One should have had reason for stress a while ago when one's partner sent us out of the cave to kill a dinasoar for dinner with nothing more than a club.

Overloading ourselves can lead to all sorts of challenges including our own health, the relationships with those around us, the livestock's health.As humans we tend to always want more and so strive for the bigger house,car or boat.
Up until now the last few years have been "We can have it all". Now that the recession is starting to bite a few people around me in the traditional "JOB" are finding them selves downsized, less hours,less pay - able to afford less.
Some people can get caught in the victim mentality beleiving it someone else's fault.
As Bud Williams said to me once :

"Everybody has to have a little misery in their life, but Why some people they just gotta go out and buy some more !!"

My motto is there is always an opportunity and an option - in fact there are more opportunity's around every day, you just gotta be open and looking.
Don't Overload yourself mentally - Overloading physically must be ok -take alook at the happy overloaded people in these pictures !!

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