Thursday, July 2, 2009


What a crazy week, Sydney to Roma - 2 Day KLR Marketing school- 1 Day Unleash Your Marketing Genius workshop and home to Bathurst tonight.
All this with no internet working for me so hence no blogs this week.
We had a great group of 65 mainly Queenslanders at the KLR school and 41 with Mick Cornish on Wednesday.
I will put together more info next week when sanity returns.
Meanwhile here is something that gave us a laugh when we were walking to dinner in Roma last night.
We walked past a shop called "REX FURNISHERS" - looked in the window and here is a Blue Healer guarding the shop just like a good old junk yard dog !!
By the time I had my phone to take a photo he was walking away - you can see him below.
We wondered what a deam job that might be for a dog - get to choose the bed you sleep in.
We then wondered does the dog own the shop - I mean "Rex Furnishers " sounds like a dogs name to me.

Is this the dream job on earth for a dog ?
Music tomorrow night and normality next week I hope.
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