Thursday, July 30, 2009


Being overloaded has been the theme of this week - the question is it really a fact or your perception.

Everyone has the same amount of time - the beggar outside Trump tower has the same amount of time as Donald Trump has, so why does Donald acheive more.
Well here is one gem a board meeting NEVER goes more than 2 hours - if a multi billion $$$ business can do that what are we doing ?

Let's take a look at our very own KLR Marketers -The Relaxed KLR Marketer has ridden over 800 kms on his bike this week training and still did everything he needed to get done this week.

An excited Low Stress Stockhandler rang this week to confirm the saying "It will take all the time it takes but it will be quicker with a better result" - he went from handling his stock on the bike (the bike is ok - he just is prone to forget to pay more attention) to handling them on foot - this resulted in an increase in weight gain of 0.25 kg / day.

He is a backgrounder so he knows his weights - that is $182 extra in his pocket per animal per year or $91,000 per year extra for his 500 head.

Another Low Stress Handling couple I was lucky enough to spend time with this week,when asked if it had changed the way they worked animals- the answer :

It's embarrasing how difficult and time comsuming we used to make it.By lunch we weren't talking and still had an afternoons work to do.Now we find it so relaxing yet we can have a day's work done by lunch time".

The most common thing I hear is "I am going to .............. as soon as I get time"

Say what you are going to do and MEAN IT, be your word.

When I said I was going to blog 5 days a week I did not start and then a couple weeks later say"oh boy I don't have time for this !!"

I somehow find the time every day to post - albeit sometimes brief.Technology has let me down on occassion.

Here is a neat video for you :


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