Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Do you get up in the morning looking for someone to share your problems with or do you look for someone who you can leave feeling better about themselves.

Gratitude is something we all should consider every morning when we wake up.

Even when things don't go the way I planned I am grateful for the lesson I am getting.

Another computter crash prevented last nights blog but hey I was grateful I could have another glass of red and relax for a change.

Tomorrow I will let you know about someone who is creating 100 days of gratitude - in the meantime Mac Anderson sent me this today and a link to a short movie.

Mac AndersonFounder, Simple Truths :

Mary Kay Ash was loved by her people. She was the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, and passed away recently at 83 years old. I heard her speak about 20 years ago, and at the end of her speech she was asked,

"What is the key to success in business?"

She didn't hesitate when she said,

"Make your people feel important."

She truly understand that recognition is a need we all crave; and that there are no exceptions.

Marcy Blochowiak understands this powerful principal as much as any leader I've ever met. And, most importantly, it comes from her heart. She has built a team of thousands by using a secret weapon:

"Hire more women, and love them like family."
If you need a "shot of inspiration", just watch this beautiful 3 minute movie that shares some of Marcy's secretes to success. You'll love the music, the beautiful photographs and, the ideas will speak to your heart.
And feel free to forward it to friends and family; everyone needs a little shot of inspiration!

Click on the Picture to Watch the Movie

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