Monday, August 31, 2009


Ted Kennedy 1962 – 2009
This past week saw the last of the 3 Kennedy brothers pass away - I guess I had not thought much about it until I watched the funeral and various story's about Ted over the weekend.It caused me to reflect back and remember John F Kennedy's assasination was one of my very 1st memory's. I distinctly remember seeing the photo of his family on womens weekly at age 5 never quite understanding what everyone was talking about - JFK 's been shot.
Ted Kennedy lived on through tragedy of losing 2 brothers this way, as well as many other challenges.Two of his children had cancer, Teddy junior lost his leg to this.As well as the amazing public life he lead he always had time for his children and the children of his brothers, 13 in all.
He cared about everybody - he could be negotiating an arms deal in the morning and talking to a mother who had a sick child in the afternoon.After 9/11 he called more than once every single family in his state that had lost a family member.
Over the next 2 nights I am going to feature 2 videos - the 1st being Ted Kennedy junior speaking about his father at the funeral and tomorrow night President Obama delivering the Eulogy.

If video stop /starts, press pause to let it load.

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