Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Gold has pushed through the $1,000 an ounce mark last night to close back down at just under.In a very short time Gold has moved from around $940 /ounce. When I wrote about Gold & Silver back in June there were a lot of people contacted me so I thought it was worth taking another look.
The Au$ moved up to $0.86 $US which means exporters are going to be more challenged.The interesting thing is as Gold and silver has moved up our AU$ has also moved up which has kept it down a little from June prices.Gold is Au$1237 and Silver Au$678 - so you can see the challenge our exporters have when prices move up in a commodity yet the dollar moves up as well.
Throw in the fact that interest rates are destined to rise, maybe as soon as next month - we have some hurdles to consider when planning.This especially applys to someone considering expanding their business or upgrading buying a house or business.

Yet despite all these challnges you can look at it as an opportunity rather than a negative.

If you are a KLR Marketer the fundamentals of beef or lamb prices may be challenged - but the sentiment will open up many profitable opportunities.

Maybe you have some money to invest then you would be relived to see interest rates go up or maybe you would like to take advantage of the rising bullion prices. The $US does not look happy and it will be interesting how our govt and reserve bank set the $Au against it.

No matter what happens, just like forever there will be opportunities and downfalls - it is time to take a look at where you want to be in 2010 and beyond - Taking some time now to make sure you are Prepared for what ever comes could be your best time spent.

Remember life is meant to be exciting, who wants boring old same as last year ?
Most people I suggest but when you welcome change it opens up to opportunities.

Ok enough rambling - go ponder what all this means to you.

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