Monday, December 21, 2009

Grahame's Video Christmas Message

As this will be my last blog post before Christmas, I would like to extend my wish for you to have a great Christmas with your family, enjoying good food, good wine(beer) and great company.

We are doing something a little different this year - spending Christmas on a houseboat on the Murry river at Wentworth.
The common misconception is there is no water in the Murry /Darling - Reality there is plenty, just watch the video.
Ros has always loved the river and fishing so after what has been a challenging year for her and our family we decided what better way to spend Christmas.
Whilst we are yet to catch an eatable fish the carp are still good fun to catch.

If we catch the BIG ONE - I will post it on the blog.
Here is a short video for you to see a little bit of the Houseboat and River.

If video stop/starts, press pause to let it load.
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