Thursday, January 21, 2010

January Update on 100 Day Steer Trade

Remember in November I came across an article in a rural newspaper describing a strategy being put in place by a grazier on a mob of cattle he purchased.
Where is the noise coming from ? The last post I did has a video that auto plays, scroll down and press pause. Then come back up.

He said : "I care about 2 things; getting my money back and the kilos they put on".

Now I take that to mean he wants the same $1.83/kg he paid for them at 250kg in 100 days at 350kgs.

Here we are in January and they are now 328 kg @ aound $1.75 quite a discount on the purchase price.

As I said in November this could prove to be profitable for him in the Buy /Sell Paradigm, however there is the risk of prices may remain at present levels or less.The market is certainly confirming that.
By using the KLR tools you can easily identify a profitable trade.

So I ran it through the KLR 30 Second market Report and spreadsheet, hmmm the 328 kg are overpriced so what could we do ?Watch the video to find out.

Watch the video: ( click on bottom right corner to see full screen.)

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