Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 9 Williams on Route 66

Ash was back in the drivers seat today, excited to being able to drive on Route 66 .

Thanks for the comments and emails,glad you are enjoying the trip with us.

The day started with a coffee with the owner of Parker Dam Resort, he shared a little about the boats, they go as fast as 160 mph ( yep mph).One has 2 helicopter motors in it !!

We drove to Williams which is just 1 hour south of the Grand Canyon.

First fuel stop at $2.65 a gallon.

The country is at least capable of sustaining livestock,which is better than where we have been.Similar to Broken Hill maybe.

We looked around this small American country town, which has saved 1mile of the original Route 66 as the main st.

Then time for a swim and dinner.

Ash loves ribs !!

Tomorrow the Grand Canyon, who knows maybe a new PM ??

Location:W Rte 66,Williams,United States

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