Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ranching in Oklahoma

Oil is on most ranches in this area,original owners owned the oil rights and many kept them after selling the land.So most ranchers do not own the oil wells.
These oil pump jacks are everywhere pumping up oil from as deep as 12,000 feet - the oil is pumped in to tanks.

Mesquite is like a woody weed with spikes,not something we want to spread in Australia.It has infested areas near Broken Hill and is proving difficult to eradicate.

There an even worse plant called black locust, that is also like a woody weed.See the photo how the spike is as long as my finger.

Here are a couple of photos on the ranch.

Beside oil and cattle, hunting is a big part of some ranches income.People pay big money to hunt pigs, deer,turkey and ducks on the ranch I was on.
The rancher provides self feeders for the deer, hides to shoot from up around 25 feet plus cool rooms and accommodation.
I did try to take a photo of a deer, however all I can see is bush.
Here is short video of an oil pump jack working.

YouTube Video

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