Saturday, May 28, 2011

Update -My Top 26 IPad Apps

The Ipad2 has created a whole new wave of Ipad fans,so I thought I would rerun a previuos post featuring my top 20 Ipad APPS.I have found 6 more to add so if you have an ipad you now have my top 26 Apps to choose from.

LogMein allows me to access my home computer from my Ipad or any other computer.Always have access to your computer no matter where in the world you are.I used to use Itap RDP client but LogMein is heaps betterer !!

Evernote has become my best friend next to Dropbox.Evernote allows you to record text,images,audio, save webpages or emails all into a well organised filing cabinet.
This then syncs with all your devices and computers,even if you do not have an ipad you should get this software.

DocScanner is an app that works very well with Evernote.I use it to scan receipts,business cards and store them in Evernote.

Beanhunter is for the seriuos coffee addict, where you can search for the nearest and best coffee in the area.You can read and create reviews on your favourite coffee shop.

QR codes are becoming the easy way to send people to your website or phone number.
To create QR codes there is no cost go to
To read QR codes you need a reader on your Iphone or Ipad, search in Apps store there are heaps.

Now that Ipad 2 has a camera you will want to upload images to Facebook and Iloader works really well.

Top 20 was posted in Dec 2010.

The top selling Christmas present this year is without a doubt Apples Ipad.
Having owned one for a few months now,I think it is one of best pieces of technology I have used.
The simple portability along with the Apps, the Ipad becomes your computer on the move. No more lumping around a laptop,power cords,flat battery's(10 hr life battery). Traveling for 4 weeks in the USA this year I was able to email,update this blog as well as use remote client to access my home computer and print docs out there for Ros to pick up.

I thought I would post the top 20 apps I use,in no particular order. You can take screenshots like these by pressing both buttons at the same time and they will save into your photos.
Is there a KLR App ? Well not yet but the planning is in place for early 2011.

This app is called abcNotes - a great little tool to keep all those post it notes on your ipad.

Photos are great on the ipad, all you need is the camera kit to upload. This is the Photo Wall
app which is a magic tool for taking photos and creating collages and other effects.

The app below is Dropbox which is readily available for your computer to back up and sync files, they also have a grea app which is a good way to sync with your computers and your team.
IWriter is a magic app for writers and people who want to write without all the distractions, it counts the words as well as sync's with dropbox.

Big Calc Free app is a beauty as it is big and has a ticker tape like display on the side.

Keynote is the powerpoint type app where you can create presentations.

PS Express is a great app for editing your pictures.

Web Albums app is a tool to view your online Picasa albums(google software).

BlogPress is a great app for creating and uploading your Blogger posts. I used this to blog on my trip to USA and worked a treat.

There are many newspapers now with Ipad apps, I have the Daily Telegraph app.

There are many sporting apps available. As I am an avid cricket fan I like Cricket LIVE, which even has the ability to watch the channel 9 coverage live for less than $3 a test.

Amazon has an app so you can shop the amazon store.

Amazon's Kindle reader has been popular and you can buy and read the kindle books on your Ipad. The app is called Kindle.

Audible is a great site to purchase audio books which you can download and put on cd or you ipod.The Audible app also allows you to download books in your library.

Skype has an Iphone app that works well with the Ipad.I used this app to call home every day for the month i was in the USA. Just a little credit and away you go plus you can text chat as well.

HooteSuite has a nice Ipad app which allows you to monitor and update you social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook all at once including photos.

SendOutCards has a great app where you can create a card on your Ipad and put int the mailing address and send by post. You do need to be a user of Send Out Cards, which I am.Find out how you can @

Westpac has an app for internet banking and it does all the things you can do with normal online banking. I guess other banks do the same.

Weatherzone has an app for local Australian weather details. There are many others out there.

Flipboard is a great app if you want to read you social media as well as blogs etc like a newspaper.

Tellmewhere is an app that helps you find what you need in any town or city. I asked in the image above to find nearest restruans to me, it includes address and phone number as well.

iTap RDP app is a great tool for anyone who needs to use their home or business computer while they are away. Just leave your main computer turned on and you can set up an ID to log in and use whatever programs you need.When I was int the USA I had a couple docs I needed to print, so I did them and asked Ros to go into the printer and pick them up.

Have fun with your Ipad and if you find any Apps you wish to share feel free to share them in comments below.

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