Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teleseminar - Primal Body, Primal Mind with Nora Gedgaudas


In case you have not heard I am hosting a teleseminar with Nora Gedgaudas author of "Primal Body - Primal Mind".

I really enjoyed the book - since we had been following the basis of this paleo diet for around 10 months now with fantastic results.This call is open to anyone, though KLR Mastermind members can access either the live call, the recording, transcript and CD via the KLR Website.

Farmers make up a small demographic of society, yet when you think laterally Farmers feed 100% of society.So as food producers they play the role of everything really.
Think about it - Food leads to the health of the consumers, yet people will spend more on a car payment each month and say they cannot afford to eat healthy food.

Nora's book makes you realise we are putting the wrong fuel in our bodies.
After all no one would be silly enough to put contaminated fuel into their car on purpose.
Yet we do that to ourselves each day.

I believe we are onto the one thing we all have in common and why people living in the city are wanting to know more about - That is food and the producers of food.

Join us for this engaging Teleseminar with Nora on Wednesday 12th at 12.30pm Sydney Daylight saving time.

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