Monday, January 2, 2012

Australian Year of the Farmer

This picture has so much meaning to it with the father of Holistic Management Allan Savory during his visit to former Young NSW Farmer of the Year : Graham & Cathy Finlayson's property at Brewarrina in 2011.
Education and succession planning are just two important parts of designing a positive,sustainable and profitable future for farmers.

2012 has been designated the "Australian Year of the Farmer" which I think is a huge opportunity for Farmers or Food Producers to display the diversified array of daily life as they go about managing the land resource and producing food.
During the last 12 months I have come to realise the importance of food and it's relationship with health issues.
This is a real opportunity for everyone to engage in real meaningful dialogue about the one thing that as humans we require besides oxygen and water and that is food.
Over he last 18 months I have had discussions about food with people from around the world, many many people who reside and work in the city and each and every one of them left me amazed at their attitude toward farmers.Sometimes the noisy lobby group leaves us thinking everyone is against farmers,I don't believe that to be the case at all.
I was sitting in a crowd of 1,000's in Disneyland 18 months ago when I got talking to lady while we waited for the fireworks.She was there with her young son and resided in Manhattan yet all we talked about was food and how important to her healthy food was for her young son.
So I am going to get the blog out in a more regular fashion this year and help take the message of what Farmers or Food and Fibre Producers do to manage the resource they have to produce healthy food.
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Watch this video featuring Glen McGrath on Australian Year of the Farmer.

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