Friday, January 6, 2012

Farmers Taking a Holistic Approach

Farming has always been a moving organism if you think about it, yet we have tended to farm in a linear fashion using methods that come from another environment.This can work for a while however eventually environment will win out, you cannot fight nature.
When Allan Savory came up with Holistic Management with decision making tools that reflected working in harmony with nature,he recognised we have many many balls in the air to manage at once.
I have over the last 15 years seen some quite amazing results for the biodiversity of the land,where farmers have taken on a Holistic approach.Today many of these farmers run a low cost very profitable business,yet they are building topsoil,increasing carbon,carrying capacity has increased and the people are living the life they love.

Over 20 years ago Terry McCosker of RCS introduced this concept through his 7 day "Grazing For Profit School",People like Bruce Ward and Brian Marshall introduced Allan's Holistic Training shortly after.Now there are also many others here in Australia teaching these concepts.
Here is a recent video produced by the Savory Institute that will give you some insight in to Holistic Management.

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