Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why I Feel Healthy & Lost 12 kg

Since meeting Larisa Zoska at Bill Giles clinic in Canberra
at his Medical Ecology Centre my life has changed.
I did not start out to lose weight it was all about being healthy
and weight loss became part of the result.

Then Nora came along and took things to another level.

Nora Gedgaudas was a guest speaker on a Teleseminar last year outlining the principles of the Paleo diet.
Even though I had been following this way of life for all of 2011,her teleseminar and visit to Australia clarified the lifelong benifits of a Paleo style diet.
This teleseminar had the greatest impact on the listeners i have experience with people calling and emailing recently how much weight they have lost and how healthy they feel since changing their way of eating.

So when Nora let me know this Paleo Summit was on next week I thought I should pass it on.
You can listen live online or to the recordings depending on your schedule.

Can you afford not to get this lifechanging information ? Especially when you can do it from your home.

Check out the line up of speakers (including Nora) by clicking the image below.

                                    paleo summit

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Lisa said...

Thanks for posting this information. I have registered and can't wait to hear all the presenters. It's going to be awesome!