Monday, September 2, 2013

Flyfishing in Idaho

A 3.30am start got us in the air on our way to Idaho Falls.

Turned up at TroutHunter to find our friend Pam and a new friend Heidi.
We met Pam last year on Facebook so it was like meeting up with an old family friend.
They had scoped out the Henry's Fork area so we were set to float the Box Canyon first up.
Grahame was 1st to snag a nice rainbow.
Ros tagged her share as well with a big White fish to add to her species count.
Ryan our guide did a great job of putting us onto some nice fish.
Jesse turned up with Anthony today. ~ Jesse and I have been friends for a couple years after we met on Twitter.It is amazing how everyone in this group of friends met us on Social Media.
So we have a real flyfishing team from across the world fishing together now.

Pam is all focus.
Anthony and Pam share fishing stories ( or grizzly bear stories)
This man has seen the light.
Be back for more of this great place tomorrow. Goodnight.