Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Bucket of Red Apples Won't Last Long

My post last week "What Really Drives and is the Heart of the Country" certainly provoked the thoughts of a few people.My friend Erina who as a mother of two young children has not sat on her laurel waiting for the government to help. Erina runs three successful business's as well as managing her property portfolio.Kevin has not helped her or other business owners with this $42 Billion package.

People like Erina are the heart and sole of the country as they start from very little, work hard to build a secure life for their family.

As the saying goes " God helps those who help themselves"

We've had Kevin 07 now we have Kevin ONo

Dear Grahame

I was absolutely fascinated reading your daily blog, ironically posted Friday the 13th, entitled “What Really Drives and is the Heart of this Country”. It outlined what I hadn’t fully verbalised myself since hearing about the governments $42b “stimulus package”.

For the past 3 years, I’ve been a stay at home mum of 2, while running three businesses from home and being property manager to our local investment properties.

With the announcement of “Kevin07s” stimulus package offering eligible people/families up to $950 to stimulate the economy, if you really think about it, couldn’t $42b be better spent on businesses and infrastructure, and thus creating employment opportunities.

How far does $950 go these days, really?! If it turns up in my bank account, don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not going to send it back, however, I believe $42b can certainly make a big difference to the Australian economy.

Australia has an abundant skilled workforce who are going to be forced to work overseas or collect social security today as we see and hear in the media. Is that what we should be encouraging? I say, no way!

As the “Boss” outlines in his letter, there are taxes on taxes on taxes for business owners. Surely if business owners are given a break, lets create more job opportunities which then encourages consumer spending, isn’t that a more logical way to help the economy?

I think there are better ways this $42b could be spent.

Erina Ngare

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