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2009 Another Year of Shock & Awe

I have been following for a little while now the events around the world and how they might impact on us.We are big on working with what we know today and acting on that, however that does not mean not watching the trends and keeping yourself informed.Things are changing daily around the world - just watch how gold is sneaking up.
The article below which links to a more extensive post might provoke your thoughts about 2009.

Doug Casey on 2009:
Another Year of Shock and Awe - Casey Research February 11, 2009

In their annual forecast edition, the editors of BIG GOLD asked Casey Research Chairman and contrarian investor Doug Casey to provide his predictions and thoughts on issues everyone’s thinking about these days.

Read what he has to say on the economy, deficits, inflation, and gold… The $1.1 Trillion Budget DeficitMy reaction is that the people in the government are totally out of control. A poker player would say the government is “on tilt,” placing wild, desperate bets in the hope of getting rescued by good luck.

The things they’re doing are not only unproductive, they’re the exact opposite of what should be done. The country got into this mess by living beyond its means for more than a generation. That’s the message from the debt that’s burdening so many individuals; debt is proof that you’re living above your means.

The solution is for people to significantly reduce their standard of living for a while and start building capital. That’s what saving is about, producing more than you consume. The government creating funny money – money out of nothing – doesn’t fix anything.
All it does is prolong the problem and make it worse by destroying the currency.Over several generations, huge distortions and misallocations of capital have been cranked into the economy, inviting levels of consumption that are unsustainable.

In fact, Americans refer to themselves as consumers. That’s degrading and ridiculous. You should be first and foremost a producer, and a consumer only as a consequence. In any event, the government is going to destroy the currency, which will be a mega-disaster.
And they’re making the depression worse by holding interest rates at artificially low levels, which discourages savings – the exact opposite of what’s needed.

They’re trying to prop up a bankrupt system. And, at this point, it’s not just economically bankrupt, but morally and intellectually bankrupt. What they should be doing is recognize that they’re bankrupt and then start rebuilding. But they’re not, so it’s going to be a disaster.

The U.S. Economy in 2009........READ MORE

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