Monday, February 23, 2009

How Long Since You Had a Grease & Oil Change ?

Paul & Mary Blackburn

Over the years Ros and I have probably spent more money than I care to know on training and personal development - all coming in handy right now.The Landmark Forum was certainly a huge breakthrough in our lives -but more recently attending a program run by Paul & Mary Blackburn along with Mick Cornish we have found that Gold really does exist at the end of a Rainbow.

Paul and Mary have been around the traps for over 20 years now, working with some of the most successful people in Australia to create the life they desire.Whilst it is impressive that Paul's top 10 clients are worth over $200 million, to me the there are several more important character traits of Paul and Mary.

  • They walk their talk and give their heart and sole to the people they serve.
  • They keep their feet on the ground living in the bush at Gunderooo near Canberra.
  • Their clients never leave - because they show how to get results & they CARE.
  • They have discovered the secret to success, be that happiness,health,wealth or relationships.

I first met Paul and his Master coach Mick Cornish in late 2007 at a Mental Toolbox and since that time have met Mary and attended several programs including Blockage Busters,a 2nd Mental Toolbox, 3 day Wealth Creation program with Paul and the Inner Child Bootcamp.

Each program gave me breakthroughs that led to real results - a simple 5 minute exercise Paul taught me was let go an emotion holding me back from following through a huge decision we made in 2008.I think that is why the programs are so successful - simple process's can lead to huge results.

Even Paul himself admits he struggled for years to solve the "Money Riddle" until about 18 months ago when he made a huge breakthrough - he has just released his book

"Resolving the Money Riddle" - How I went from Sweet FA to $10 Million / yr in 18 months.

So I said to Paul, there are so many rural people and community's who would benefit from this program "The Mental Toolbox", how can I get him out there.

Whilst he is booked for the next 75 weeks he offered his 3 day program to anybody who can make it to a Capital City program at a cost of $197 - normally $1,750.

How - well when you book you enter code : KLR to get the reduced price.

Here is an email from KLR Mastermind members Peter & Simone Laurie :

Just a short note to thank you for putting us in contact with Paul Blackburn and Beyond Success, as you know we have invested quite some time and money in to educating ourselves with personal development and communication courses.

We really thought that the Mental Toolbox was a wonderful course and unbelievable value for money. We felt that the mental toolbox was a great refresher and enjoyed new concepts brought about by this course.

We would definitely recommend the course to others in particular people just starting out on the journey of personal development as it covers a wide variety of areas and would be of great benefit to couples and families looking for breakthroughs and direction in their lives.

We have since gone on to do the wealth creation course run by Beyond Success and have taken on personal coaching for 12 months as a continuation of our education. Paul Blackburn has a wonderful outlook on life and delivers his material in a way that we have found to be very easy to interpret, interesting and fun.

Kind Regards,

Peter & Simone Lawrie

Lawrie Grazing Pty Ltd

Now whilst I am still trying to convince these guys they would be well supported if they ran a program in rural and regional areas - you have the opportunity coming up to take advantage of Paul & Mary's offer in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.Even if it comes to rural areas it may be at the full price of the program.

February 27th, 28th & March 1st

March 6th, 7th & 8th

April 24th, 25th & 26th

May 8th, 9th & 10th

Website :

Use Code : KLR when you book to Pay $197 for 3 days.

"People who don't take risks generally make about 2 big mistakes a year,

People who do take risks generally make 2 big mistakes a year" Paul Blackburn.

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