Friday, February 20, 2009


Last night's post is the update on our Golfing in Dubai weaners (click on link if you have not yet read it) now that they have put on 21 kgs since 19th January.

Life got in the way for me to post it last night so I am saving it until next week as Friday is music day.

Over the last couple of weeks Ros and I have been overwhelmed by the Gratitude,Friendship and strength the people around us have provided - We Thank you with all our hearts.

There is no easy way to say this -You see Ros has been diagnosed with breast cancer - a challenge she is meeting with an amazing attitude and strength.We are so lucky to have great people around us - Ros's friends who provide the positive environment,my friends and clients who do not even know Ros but still send prayers and thoughts,people like Tracy Rosser who stayed a day longer to see us,Mick Cornish who spent 2 hours of his time with us and so many others who I will not name - you know who you are.

Some may say this is private, why share - well we think of you all as friends and family not just a client of KLR.
We are doing fine all I ask is : Listen to today's song and find a close friend who needs your support and give them a call or meet them for a coffee & a chat.

When the chips are down 'That's What Friends Are For"

so turn up your speakers and listen to today's song.

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