Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Jim Lindsay will be sharing his experience using the KLR Principles on his stations at Hughenden in Nth QLD on the KLR Teleconference Thursday night 12th February - 8.00pm Sydney Time.
Jim & Terry Lindsay have been using the KLR system since 2003 when Jim returned from the USA where he attended Bud Williams Marketing school with Rod Knight and Grahame Rees.By combining these KLR Marketing principles with Low Stress Stockhandling,their livestock business has flourished.

Recently Jim and Terry returned to spend 3 weeks with Bud Williams,which included attending his 3 day program and Ann Barnhardt's 2 day Marketing school.

Jim shares on this call his experience over the last 5 years plus what he learnt from his recent trip spending 3 weeks with Bud.

This call is normally for Mastermind members only, however we have decided to open it up to anybody interested in making money from a livestock enterprise.

Pass the word, all you need to do is click on the link below to listen online at the KLR website.

Log on to link below , turn up your speakers & listen to Jim - 1 hour call.

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