Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oldest Trick in the Book- Blame the Guy Next-Door

Speaking to a dilligent KLR Marketer today who is following all the rules we teach about managing Grass,Money & Livestock inventory's - He has been managing to build up the grass inventory over summer,biding his time waiting to buy underpriced animals and keeping his money inventory in shape ready to go.Seems he is ready to pounce shortly as everyone else starts to get short of grass and the market is adjusting.Being the perfect diciple of KLR Principles.

Well we have seen the devastation caused by the bushfires in Victoria, seems this has struck fear in a couple of neighbours of the dilligent KLR Marketer- all this grass is posing a fire danger and should have been eaten when it was green.He is putting them at risk,I remember when I was at school we never went away in the summer in case there was a bushfire.After 1 major fire in 1974 every summer after that was dedicated to staying home in case there was a fire whilst we could have been having a holiday on the beach.

Two things come to mind REAL FEAR and INAUTHENTIC FEAR.

REAL FEAR was what those victims of the bushfires experienced, something none of us ever wish to confront - REAL FEAR is not something we confront every day, Thank God.

INAUTHENTIC FEAR is something that we do tend to have confronting us on a constant basis.It exists in the mind and can be triggered by a thought or event which then perpetuates itself into,in your mind reality.

Remember last week I wrote about staying inside your "Circle of Influence", well this is part of it,we have to become an observer of the mind.Like the Dilligent KLR Marketer above,his neighbour saw something happen and then created fear it might happen to him.

The great thing about INAUTHENTIC FEAR is that if you stop and take a look,just on the other side is opportunity.Whilst those around you are caught up in the story's of we will all be ruined, you take a closer look and there it is OPPORTUNITY.

Where is Opportunity staring you in the face today ?

"A belief is an agreement I make with myself that something is true." Paul Nakai

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