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Sometimes in a game of golf we end up in the rough thinking all is lost, well this post shows sometimes a simple chip out of the rough and you can hole the ball.
Remember our "Golf in Dubai" weaner story last month(if not read it by clicking the link).

Well here we are 4 weeks later so let's take a look where we are in both the old Buy /Sell paradigm and the KLR Sell/Buy paradigm.Now if you are not yet a KLR Marketing school graduate you may find the discussion a little challenging.If you are a KLR graduate this video below is a great example of how you may find yourself stuck in a trade yet trade your way out of it.


January - Bought 360 kg Steers $691 -$1.91c/kg

Costs - Frt plus 4 weeks grass $53 (let alone any drench etc)

Now owe us 1 month later - $744

Market for 375Kg (15kg wt gain) $611

So we HOLD for the production and more money.


Remember a Diligent KLR Marketer would have kept his money for better times,however what if you only found out after the event of buying the weaners.

Sell 375 kg Steer $1.63/kg - $683 /hd

Buy 218 Kg Steer $1.53/kg - $334/hd

Less COG $111.58/hd (watch video to see details)

Profit $166.13 - 43% ROC

Not too bad for a trade where we thought we had no options !!!

Watch Video Below to see how I used the KLR 30 Second market report and KLR Spreadsheets to create a profitable trade from a losing trade in the
old Buy /Sell mode

If video is stop/start press pause to let it load.

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