Friday, March 13, 2009

45 People Attend KLR Advanced Workshop

Jim Lindsay - KLR Marketing

I am sitting here on the afternoon of the 1st KLR 1 Day Advanced Workshop at Orange.Over 40 people attended the day where Jim Lindsay shared his story and how KLR works for his enterprise.Jim spoke about his learnings from his trip to the USA last year where he made some huge breakthroughs in thinking.

We released the Trading Up Strategy where a KLR graduate can really add significantly to their profits using this strategy.Jim demonstrated Strategy using the spreadsheet showing some trading examples.
Advanced Workshop group Pay Attention
We covered a lot of ground that assisted people to implement KLR into their livestock business.
KLR at this point is holding one other 1 day Advanced Workshop in Emerald where Jim Lindsay will be in attendance.There are only a couple of places left at Emerald even though we have secured a bigger venue.
Next available KLR Marketing schools in :
Orange, June16 -17
Roma June 29 - 30
To register and find out more :
Better internet tomorrow - more on the last 3 days where over 100 people attended the school and workshop.
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