Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today we have had our first session of the KLR Marketing school in Orange,NSW.
64 livestock producers travelled from as far north as Warwick,Qld, south to Mt Gambier and
Wangaratta,east to Dungog and west to Wanarring.
Internet speed is terrible so this blogger is being challenged but we do have a post tonight.

Those of you who have attended the KLR Marketing school know about the fun we create to start off the school with the creativity exercise.As you can see by the photo these guy's were having a lot of fun.

One great insight out of today was how each of the six groups called their product a security pack or similar, something maybe one group might normally do.Interesting, does that mean people are subconciously feeling insecure or is there something more at large with human conciousness causing people to think this way.

Are you feeling insecure in this world economic climate ? Now might be a good time to stop and ponder this thought,because now is not the time to be unprepared for whatever comes your way.

I am going to leave you with those thoughts before the internet crashes.
(now I am feeling insecure !!!!)

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