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Karen Tully,Wendy & Richard Agar,Fiona Cameron,Catherine O'Sullivan
at the awards night.

As I sit here tonight watching "Who's got Talent" , I thought we should acknowledge one of our own.

Mastermind member Wendy Agar was announced Runner Up in the annual Queensland Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation’s (RIRDC) Rural Women’s Award.

Wendy and Richard Agar run a sheep and cattle at Charleville in western Qld.Living in an isolated area did not stop Wendy from seeking to make her contribution to the rural community.
She planned to put together a series of educational programs for rural people,focusing on women living in rural areas if she won and received the winners grant.
Well even though Wendy did not win, we are going to assist her to put her project into action using the technology we use at KLR Marketing.
Watch this space for the first of "Wendy's Sessions" soon.

The following is an exerpt from RIRDC press release.

"The annual Queensland Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation’s (RIRDC) Rural Women’s Award was announced at a gala event in Brisbane last week with southeast Queensland feedlot co-owner Barb Madden named winner and Charleville sheep and cattle producer Wendy Agar runner-up.
Sponsored and co-ordinated by the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (DPI&F), the Rural Women’s Award celebrates the outstanding achievements of women in the rural sector.
Runner-up Wendy Agar and her family own and manage Myendetta Station, an 18,000 ha property 30km south west of Charleville. The sheep and cattle property has been in Richard Agar’s family since 1890.
The Agars, like so many graziers in Western Queensland, have experienced the debilitating stress associated with prolonged drought. Over the past seven years, Wendy’s approach to dealing with drought has been to immerse herself in education and training programs that have enabled both the farm and Wendy herself to thrive.
She has changed and improved the family’s grazing practices, developed new business skills, and diversified the farm business into tourism and processed food. Wendy has also been an active participant in many rural organisations including AgForce, Future Farmers and the Queensland Rural Women’s Network.
Most recently she was a delegate to the Queensland Government’s rural women’s symposium at Roma.

“I am excited to have had the opportunity to be a finalist in this year’s RIRDC Rural Women's Award,” Wendy said. “Through this process I was able to clarify what I can do to make a difference. The awards process is a great opportunity to grow as a leader and expand your networks. “As runner-up I will attend an Australian Institute of Company Directors’ course with all the other state winners in Canberra in May. I will also get to attend the national awards night at Parliament House.
“I am passionate about sustainable agriculture. I believe that on-going education is one of the keys to the long term sustainability of our natural resources, our businesses and our people.

“My project was all about on-going education. I proposed a series of 10 capacity building webinars and teleconferences with topics that focused on change management,” she said. "

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