Monday, April 20, 2009

Scotty's Run at the Aust 4 Day Enduro

"The world's second biggest motorcycle enduro race"

Orange, NSW was the venue for the Australian 4-Day Enduro (A4DE), an Australian Dirt Bike Championship event.

Ashley & I spent Sunday watching the event which was very exciting if you are into motorbikes,speed and adrenalin.

I have been to a few rodeo's aound the country but never a bike ride.There was a similarity :

"Old motorbike riders are like old bull riders, they dress like a veteran just walk with a limp"

Ashley's friend Scott Thomas was riding in the last event,he had a few challenges including his bike would only start if he pushed it.So he had to start well before the start line.He made good ground passing lot's of riders to come in 12th.

Here is a video of his race for you adrenalin seekers.

If video stop/starts,press pause to let it load.

Tomorrow we will revisit out Weaner trade "Golf in Dubai", 3 months into the trade.

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