Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I was going to post a picture of me in my golf attire but hey Natalie is a better golfer than me !!

Ok it is now 12 weeks since our story on the weaner sale mob, lets take a look see.
Remember our "Golf in Dubai" weaner story in January(if not read it by clicking the link).

Well here we are 12 weeks later so let's take a look where we are in both the old Buy /Sell paradigm and the KLR Sell/Buy paradigm.

Now if you are not yet a KLR Marketing school graduate you may find the discussion a little challenging.
If you are a KLR graduate this video below is a great example of how just like the last 2 months, you may find yourself stuck in a trade yet trade your way out of it.


January - Bought 360 kg Steers $691 -$1.91c/kgCosts -
Frt plus 12 weeks grass $69 (let alone any drench etc)
Now owe us 3 months later - $760
Market for 405 Kg (15kg wt gain/ mth) $668
So we HOLD for the production and more money.

Remember a Diligent KLR Marketer would have kept his money for better times back in January,however what if you only found out about KLR 3 months after the event of buying the weaners.

Sell 405 kg Steer $1.65 /kg - $668/hd
Buy 183 Kg Steer $1.62/kg - $297/hd

Less COG $221.61/hd (watch video to see details)
Profit $150.18 - 37 % ROC
So there you go a 3rd opportunity to turn the trade around & yet you can think - no options !!!

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