Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Still on the theme of being stuck - Sometimes we will carry on with life as though it is normal carrying some blemishes from the past.While we are blind to the obvious others around us see everything just like the chair in the photo above.

When the horse first became stuck in the chair I am sure it went nuts but after a while it became normal,so normal that it maybe says to other horses "why haven't you got a chair ?"

After my regular session with my coach last night I realised how difficult it is to leave that chair behind - I mean we have been together for a long time - that is who I am.

My coach helped me to understand an area I was stuck and while it will continue to return at least I will recognise my chair when it shows itself again.

A Diligent KLR Marketer today said "Oh IT & Computers are not my thing" Instead of saying that is fine, I said "I know you are hopeless and don't even try".

A few hours later he emails me "I really heard what you said about me and my racket(story) of not understanding IT stuff,So I am going to have a go"

When we become aware we can then process and make the changes necessary to put our chair where it belongs not around our neck.

So what does this have to do with KLR principles ?

Ask your self what is the chair around your neck that has you accept mediocrity.

  • Is it not understanding the spreadsheet
  • Is it my situation is different
  • Is it I can't find a trade -(whilst all around you others have too many)
  • Is it it is too much work
  • I could go on

Persit with something until you really get it and it is working for you.

Jim Lindsay spoke last week about everything he has become successful at took time,persistence and hard work until it became 2nd nature.He then would go and learn something new but never before mastering the first thing.

"Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing,that we see too late the one that is open"

Alexander Bell 1847 - 1922 Inventor

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