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[ASK] Always Seeking Knowledge is a newsletter written by Bruce Ward from "The Farm Business Gym". Bruce has been teaching & mentoring holistic management to producers in Australia and New Zealand for longer than I can remember.
In Bruce's recent newsletter he highlights the NEWS is finally getting to Canberra what constitutes good land husbandry and the future sustainability of rural families.
Here is an exerpt and link to his recent newsletter :
There are two items that I think will interest and excite you, as they have me.
Firstly, on June 17 this year, Drs. Joern Fisher and Kate Sherrin, from the Fenner Institute at Australian National University appeared before the Primary Industries and Resources Sub-Committee of the House of Representaives in Canberra.
The Sub-Committee's task is to report to the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, The Hon Tony Burke MP, on the role of government in assisting Australian farmers to adapt to the impacts of climate change.
They had been asked to appear before the Sub-Committee to advise specifically about Holistic Managementtm. Dr Fisher came across Holistic Management when doing some research on biodiversity in the Central West of NSW.
What first excited him was the realisation that when management changes, for many people trees often regenerate naturally. At the same time he realised that families were tending to be happier. Dr Sherrin is studying the social aspects of Holistic Management.
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