Thursday, July 9, 2009


Rod Knight made what could be a small house for his feed/ supplement trailer.

There has been much interest in Rod's supplement trailer, probably the most elaborate supplement trailer on the planet. When he wants to go camping he can take out the tubs,install a matress and barbecue and he will be high and dry !!

They seem to have liking for Salt and Seaweed Meal not taking as much Urea as Rod would like.
Coarse Salt
Flossy Salt
Powdered sulphur
Copper Sulphate
Sea weed meal
Pat Colby has a mix Rod is considering
8 lb Sulphur
50 lb Dolomite
8 lb Copper Sulphate
8 lb Urea Free Sea weed Meal

Many KLR people have asked about Rod's Trailer so below is a short video I created for you.

I video stop / starts, press pause to let it load.

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