Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have just spent the last 3 days with my Options Trading mentor and it has been very eye opening for me the emotions we go through when we are challenged as we learn something new.

Those of you who are KLR graduates or gratuates of any training program will know what I mean.

Let me give you some examples to show what I mean :

  • My mentor and his support staff are available anytime during work hours to answer questions ,coach and walk you through even what I may think is a silly question.

  • My mentor makes training available 4 times a week to attend online training where he will stay online for up to hours until all questions are answered.

  • Plus more.

Now here is the emotions :

"I don't want to interupt him he might be busy"

"I am sure that question is a silly question, I couldn't call about that"

"I am not sure if I can be successful at this like him/her.

"I'll just put my books on the shelf and get back to it when the time is right"

I could go on and on about this, interestingly enough my main emotion as I go through this program

" Can I remain focussed on learning to be a more successful Options Trader until I am one"

That means doing the work required,spending the time required to learn the strategy's both paper trading and live trading- making this my priority until it becomes 2nd nature.

Now I am sharing this because all of the above is relevant to the KLR graduate when they go back home.

We provide support by phone or email and in some cases personally,we provide coaching and mentoring calls - yet only a small % of people ever follow through.

By all means if you learn something new and it is not your cup of tea -fine find something else.

However if you saw the possibility of what you learnt at KLR being able to increase your prosperity and quality of life then you need to consider the committment you make to yourself.

Do whatever it takes until you reach your goal !!

Can you focus on being a successful KLR Marketer until you are one ?

As I go along on this journey I will share many things because the emotions for me learning new programs is just the same for you.

Want to share your thoughts - email me at : peneena@gmail.com

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