Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It seems blogger is having some challenges tonight which makes it a challenge to put up tonights post so let's see how we go.
Last night I posted about emotions and how one feels each time we get out of our comfort zone.
I think a lot of people like to work hard at making sure they never get out of their comfort zone.What do I mean by that ?
I have learnt many moons ago that by avoiding something that creates fear and leaves me uncomfortable now will leave me feeling this way every time the same situation comes up.
So everytime (well most of the time) I have felt fear about something new I have recognised that and "Felt the Fear and done it Anyway"
As we teach in the LSS schools when one see's getting out of their comfort zone into what we call the learning zone - that is Living life as it should be lived.
Working with Mick Cornish has given me a great tool to work through this process -
Imagine there is an invisible door so solid you cannot get to the other side - you know if you do life will be better and you will have broken through - you have a choice either walk away and distract yourself or take a deep breath and step through the door - you see it was only solid in your mind.
Once you take that step you can turn around and say there is no blood, I'm not hurt and what was all that about anyway ???

Take a risk go for what you want 110% - be diligent -be focussed and be uncomfortable.
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