Monday, August 17, 2009


This week we continue with our Mastermind theme. Tonight I share 3 strategies to assist you to create a successful Mastermind.

Strategy 4 Give vs Get mentality is an important point to be reminded of.

The recent release of the journalists from North Korea was acheived by Bill Clinton, not because he was a good negotiator rather because he sent a simple condolence card to the Korean President when his wife passed away years ago and that was enough to allow dialogue to commence. Back to GRATITUDE !!

Strategy 2:

Create a list of traits or characteristics of the ideal Mastermind partner.

Consider what the ideal Mastermind partner should be like. Think about skills, character traits, experience, and attitude. What do you think should be the criteria for your Mastermind group? What type of person are you going to look for? Then evaluate the people on the list above according to this list.

Strategy 3:

Call them up and invite them to your first Mastermind meeting. Set a time and location and begin.

Don't waste any time. Find a time and location and begin the work of Masterminding your success. Tell the people that you are part of The Money Mastery System and you would like to meet with them to discuss their participation in this group. Explain the purpose of it and the commitment required.

At the first meeting you might want to read this lesson or cover pertinent points from it. The point here is that you begin to act on this information. You need a support system and this group will play an important role.

Of course, finish reading this lesson before you actually have your first meeting.

Strategy 4:

Insist on a Give versus Get mentality within your Mastermind group.

To come to a Mastermind group expecting to "get" is one of the surest ways to kill the energy of proper Masterminding. What's so ironic today however is that the notion of belonging to some group solely to help others is so foreign to us. We are into W.I.I.F.M. (What's In It for Me) and R.O.I. (Return on Investment).

Just stop and consider the opposite for a minute. It is the most beautiful and powerful concept for personal and professional growth available today. A group of people who sincerely intend and actually are committed to doing whatever they can to assist in your success, looking for nothing in return.

This one of the most fundamental aspects of what we try to cultivate. "Come looking to help the people at your table." Imagine everyone's energy devoted to assisting and supporting your success. Everyone committed, everyone giving.

We tell people to stop thinking about themselves and what they can get. Instead we re-focus on giving. The universal law of sowing and reaping states that....
You can't outgive God! Just keep helping others.

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