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The next 2 strategies are key to the success of a Mastermind group - I see many groups start up and fizzle as soon as the sizzle is gone.That is the time you must persist,roll up your sleeves and follow through with your committment.
Understanding the different personalities can help to find who is the best to organise the group,who is best to keep the group on track.Being creative and meeting in different environments away from home will assist the group to focus without distractions.
So here is straegies 5 and 6 :

Strategy 5:
Demand a strong commitment.

Another key strategy to make the Mastermind work effectively and will ensure sure disaster if it is not present is commitment. If people are not committed to the process, to growth, to success, to giving, to the group itself, they quickly abandon the group.

We have seen this happen often. People join a group without the proper commitment, they don't become millionaires in the first 3 months, and quit. They are hurting themselves more than they could ever hurt a properly working Mastermind group. They are developing a habit called, "I'm a quitter." It can be a tough one to break.

Strategy 6:
Organize your Mastermind meetings.

If Masterminding is to work over the long haul it must employ an organized approach. I have seen so many, well-intentioned individuals start groups then they would so quickly fizzle away.

If someone missed a meeting or two, or if the group, through disorganization, cancelled a meeting, it almost inevitably spelt disaster for the group.

People meet regularly according to a pre-determined schedule. They follow an agenda set by the leader. The Masterminding session is conducted in an orderly manner following a process that everyone is familiar with. Only one person speaks at a time. They follow an organized, well thought out approach. It's almost as if the organizational strength makes up for individual weaknesses.
Excerpt from :
The Secret of Giants(Part 1)
By Gerry Robert
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