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As we close this topic of Masterminding, it is important to remember the greatest ideas amount to nothing if they are not implemented. Read the last 2 strategies then watch the video of Napolian Hill author of "Think and Grow Rich" , speaking about the Mastermind alliance.
Strategy 7:
Everyone should provide leadership.

A Mastermind group without effective, trained, strong and caring leadership will rarely last. Getting people to Mastermind effectively over a long time is no easy thing. People come with their own idea of what should happen, when and who should do it. Without a trained leader to control and bring out the best in people the group has little chance of success.

If a leader can't control the group, can't keep the discussions lively, keep them on track and assist in following the process, the whole group suffers.

Strategy 8:
Everything at your Mastermind meetings should be goal and action orientated

We have seen some Masterminding that could best be described as "Mastersmooching". It was a big "love in". They discussed everything under the sun. They spoke of their commitment to each other. They contemplated the things of the universe. They discussed esoteric philosophies until the cows came home.

Masterminding without action and follow-up is useless and a terrible time waster.

Val Van DerWall says,

"You have learned nothing until you have a
permanent change in results."
Napolian Hill speaks about the Mastermind principle.

If video stop/starts,press pause to let it load.

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