Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Several years ago NASA conducted an experiment that some of you may have heard or read about. They were preparing to send astronauts into space and they wanted to find out the long-term effects of disorientation upon the human brain, mind and body.

NASA placed on several subjects, goggles or glasses that had convex lenses which turned everything that they saw upside-down! They had to wear these goggles for several weeks and attempt to function "normally" under those conditions! Eating, reading, working, everything! Upside-down! NASA was looking to see if it would cause nausea, high blood-pressure, whatever!

But after about 3-4 weeks something startling and amazing happened! One by one the subjects, while still wearing the upside-down glasses, started to see things right-side up! Their brains were rewiring, and adjusting to the view! Their brain was rewiring and turning a lie (upside-down) into the truth (right-side up)!!

This has now become the basis of "Neural Reconditioning" where over 25 -30 days you input a new way of concious thinking for the Sub concious brain to accept and adjust to this new information.

Those of you who are KLR graduates will know that you will never hear Jim, Rod or I say Buy and Sell something - always Sell /Buy. You will never hear us say animals are Cheap or Dear always Overpriced and Underpriced.

Did we naturally do that ? Well of course not but Bud had instilled in us the understanding that if we do not get our self talk right it will screw up our thinking.
When you understand everything is Sell/Buy and you have been doing it all your life even before KLR and you are still doing it.It is just some of you are labelling it incorrectly.

As Bud says"When you were a little boy and you Smiled at your Grandad and he gave you 50 cents- that was when you started Sell / Buy - you sold a smile for 50 cents"

So when I hear someone tell me thay cannot find any cheap buy's out there I know we have some work to do. Most people try to do a Sell/Buy -Sell an animal and Buy an animal -that would only happen if we were bartering.
Try this thinking and language :

When I Sell an Overpriced Animal I Buy Money - I can now take that money and Sell Money and Buy an Underpriced animal.
When I Sell an animal I just bought Grass - when I buy an animal I just Sold Grass.

KLR Marketing is about Value - the tools and thinking we provide will lead to greater Cashflow and Profit by Selling Overvalued Inventory and Buying Undervalued Inventory.

This is why I am careful about what I read and speak about. When you are reading or watching the news ask yourself "Does this information serve me and my greater good ?" If not do something else.
One way you can help yourself is to create a Mastermind or support group to keep your thinking straight. Tomorrow I will post more on how to do this.

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