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What do these three guy's have in common ?
Thomas Edison
Harvey Firestone
Henry Ford
They were great friends and one of the things they did together is go off into the woods for
1 week each year to Meditate and Mastermind.
At the time it was said Henry Ford could put together 1 $$Billion in one week if necessary.When Thomas Edison's laboratory burnt down Henry went to him next morning and said
"Here is $500,000 rebuild it!!"
The KLR Mastermind is a network of over 260 people who's collective energy could create anything they desire - if they put their mind to it.
Some members have started a small group that hold a teleconference each week.
Who is in your Mastermind -Consider starting a small group.
Over the next week or so I am going to post more on this subject, in the meantime here is
a little about Masterminding.
What is Masterminding?

Masterminding is an effective tool used throughout the centuries to bring about solutions to challenges, problems, goal-achieving and creative brainstorming.

Masterminding is what happens when several people, in a spirit of harmony, tap into a creative source far more than the collective power of the ones present. Masterminding is the power of plugging each into each other then watching the collective units create many more solutions than they ever could on their own.

If I work on a goal or challenge by myself, I have certain degree of creative power to solve what needs solving. If I then ask you to join me and apply your creative power to bear on my goal or challenge, then we feel there is more than just the power of the two of us now -- it's like the Mastermind takes over. It's no longer two, it's more like the power of eleven.

When you take a burning candle and touch the flame of another candle, the power of the two together is so much brighter than the two operating singularly.

Let's say someone is a fishing enthusiast; no let's say he's a "fishing nut". This guy is fishing every weekend at sunrise. He has 3 tackle boxes, a great fishing boat, and all the equipment one could imagine. He decides to turn his fishing hobby into a small business.
If he's never done it before he wouldn't necessarily know what to do, how to do it or in many cases even where to begin. It is unlikely he would know how to market his services, what tax breaks are available, how to get financing, etc.

Here is where a Mastermind group could really come in handy. This person asks their group to assist him by Masterminding one of several, well thought out objectives. Since everyone in the Mastermind group is there to serve and give unconditionally to the other people in the group, they willingly apply themselves to solving his objectives.

Let's say the objective is "to turn my fishing hobby into a profitable business generating $600 profit per month within the next six months."
Having a clear picture of what he wants, the Mastermind group could then provide him with marketing knowledge, specific contacts for clients or suppliers or partners. They might come up with a myriad of things the person hasn't even thought about.
He probably never thought about it because he has never traveled the journey of the person giving the advice. That's the beauty of Masterminding. You get ideas, solutions and contacts you could never in a million years have come up with if you were working on it alone.
the above is an Excerpt from
The Secret of Giants(Part 1)
By Gerry Robert

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